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Having fun with amigurumi

I’ve been interested in making amigurimi since last year. I’m already familiar with crochet, so making amigurumi is easy for me.


When people see amigurumi dolls, they may think that making them is complicated, but actually it is not. They just start from shapes: a sphere, egg, or sausage shape. Then they are stiched together to form various kinds of amigurimi dolls.


This cute lamb actually started from a sphere, then I just used my imagination. After a few more tries and stitches, I came up with this.


I’m actually making animals right now and I’m making cute ones. This one is supposed to be a snail, and I just followed how most people turn snails into stuffed animals. However, a snail’s eyes are located at the end of the tentacles on their head (just found out after doing some research). Oh well… It’s still cute though.


I put the bat on the Christmas tree. Silly me. I took the pic at night and I don’t have good lighting, so I just used the Christmas lights. Though, I still have not achieved what I wanted.


I’m just starting. I still want to make more amigurimi dolls.


Flowers of May

It’s already June, but I took some pictures of the flowers that bloomed in May.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

I’m still not sure why this is called “Bleeding Heart.” Probably because the white part looks like a heart (not sure though!) and the red main flower sprouts from the white part (what am I saying?), so it looks bleeding. My explanation sounds funny. >.<


This is what a bleeding heart flower looks like if it has not yet bloomed.


Although some of the amaryllis plants had flowers in March and April, it had more flowers when it started raining in May. I guess the plants start blooming flowers during the rainy season. I remember that they also had more flowers this time of the year.


This is another variety of amaryllis. This is actually red. It is not noticeable though because it has not yet fully bloomed.



This plant blooms all-year round (as far as I remember). It had more flowers a few weeks ago, but they already faded. This is the only one remaining. Fortunately, I was able to take a picture before it fades.

We did not have a lot of flowers this year because I stopped planting flowering plants since last year after I got irritated with the plant eating birds in our place. I actually started planting sunflowers last week and made an amateurish greenhouse by covering my pots with plastic. This is my way of preventing the birds from eating the leaves of my sunflowers. I just hope it works.



They are not flowers, but they started from flowers. >.< These fruits will be harvested soon!

Although I  started planting too late (last week of May), I still hope that I can produce good flowering plants this year.

Books for Sale (Charot lang!)

It has been more than half a year since my last post. I actually want to post a lot of things, but unfortunately I cannot find any interest in writing them, and besides I am VERY lazy (that’s the main reason.) ^^

Anyway I’ll start posting again (hopefully). I also want to change my format of writing because I always write long posts, so this makes me lazier. I’ll try to make many, but shorts post so I can keep my blog running. 


I was quite diligent yesterday, and I’m already having a hard time looking at my bookshelf , so I decided to clean it up. Removing the books from the shelves was harder than cleaning the shelves. To commemorate my  cleaning, I decide to stack the books properly and took some pictures.



The last two columns of books are actually my brother’s. Since they aren’t mine, I did not bother showing all his books. >.<



I have a lot of manga. I actually want to add more, but it is hard to find all the volumes in the store. My “Et Cetera” is missing volume 6 while “Kamui” lacks volumes 2, 10, and 11.  I also have a large number of craft books, and they no longer fit 1/8 of my bookshelf, so I need to make some adjustments. ^^


 The last column on the right is actually my books in high school, and some are from my early college days, so they are already old. My first book “Fear Street: Switched” is already 14 years old. I did not have any money to buy a lot of books when I was a student, so I just bought books during summer vacation because I already saved enough money. Since I started working, I try to buy a lot of books. Too bad I no longer have enough time to read all of them (Oh! The irony of life). I actually have 20+ titles that I have not read.

I didn’t want to go back and forth carrying the books and returning them to the shelves, so I tried carrying one column at a time. I was actually successful with some of the columns especially with my manga. However, I had difficulty carrying my craft books even though I already divided them. They do not look heavy, but they are heavier than what I’ve expected. It felt like my backbone was about to break.

I’m planning to add more to my collection of books. I just hope I find time to read all of my books. >.<


Another Sleepless Night…

I wish I could rewrite my past… but I can’t. If I could, I’d do all I could if it would stop you from crying. But… that’s impossible. My past won’t change. That’s why we need to make my past pale in comparison to our present. – Motoharu Yano


The title of this post is misleading again. Hehehehe… I like misleading titles. ‘Coz their surprising and irritating as well…

I can’t believe I’ve spent until 1am to read a manga. This was not supposed to be a problem, but I have to wake up 3:30 am to go to work. However, since it’s a training week, I took the risk. The hell with sleep. I just want to read the manga and know the ending myself (not just read it on Wikipedia). My eyes actually suffered, but that is fine. This manga is really worth it… my hurting eyes, my headache, my stiff neck, my aching heart (the heck!), my time, my hesitation, and my long wait… These things are nothing after finishing the manga. ^^

The title of the manga is “Bokura ga Ita.” I have actually came across the anime first, but I had to choose between this and Lovely Complex, so I had chosen the latter because “Bokura ga Ita” was in the drama category. When choosing an anime between Romance-drama and Romance-comedy, I’ll always go with the one labeled comedy. That is why when I saw this again when I started reading manga, I still turned it down. Simply because it was not completed yet. So while reading some posts on mangafox, and I came across this again, I got really curious and looked it up on wikipedia. I did not think about how much I would cry because of this, all I thought was the ending is good, so I would NEED to read this.

I easily cry, and I cry a lot… not because of events in reality, but because of events in manga, anime, or movies. Crying is a form of stress relief for me, so if someone saw me crying (which I really hate, but can’t be helped), it is not because of some problems (usually petty things), those were just excuses, I am just stressed. REALLY STRESSED. I have watched “Aonahana” and “Waiting for the Summer.” They were all tearjerkers especially Aonahana, which I cried on the first episode. So when I started reading this manga, I thought… well even before… I really thought that I would cry a lot. I didn’t though… I read until chap. 70, but the chapter was cut off on the site I was reading it… I know it was not the ending… but I did need to sleep. God is teasing me again, or he just wants me to sleep.

Until now I’m still thinking why I did not cry. It was pretty dramatic and sad. Probably I have read something similar, which is more dramatic than this, or probably because I have already read the story on Wikipedia… or probably because the characters are not irritating to me even Yuri. OR it is the combination of the three. I guess it’s the latter. It was even funny to think that Lovely Complex, which I chose over this a couple of years ago, made me cry a lot even after reading the series and watching the anime for about 5 times already while this story just made teary-eyed after knowing the real ending a few minutes ago.

I really like the story of Moto and Chibi Nana because most of the romance manga I read is about a love story that started about them and ended with them without gaps in between. Though I have read one manga (I am still hoping I could remember the title ‘coz the story is great too although there are some irritating scenes and characters) that is similar to this. There are only a few differences. One, it was just too dramatic and heavy for me because the female lead actually got pregnant and suffered from miscarriaged. This happened after the male lead chose another girl over the girl he loves. Male lead characters are really silly, aren’t they? Masa had some inferiority complex that’s why he did not do it with Nana because he thought Moto and Nana already did it… wahahaha he is really cute. Anyway, another difference is the gap happened while they were still in high school while Moto and Nana’s story continued after college. And the last difference (which made me happy) is I saw Moto propose to Nana while the other story already moved to the future when the main characters were about to get married. It still cute thought because the ending was the same as what happened to the main characters. This time the little brother of the main lead sat next to a girl who is the same as the female lead. It is like a new lovestory will start. Oh… my heart aches thinking about these two manga.

Love is about timing. This was said by Masa when he was about to snatch Nana away from Yano Motoharu when Nana broke up with Moto. Conincidentaly, this was also said by another Yano (from Kimi Ni Todoke) when Kaze and Sawako cannot find the right timing to confess to each other. ^^ Though it was no longer told in the manga, I think Masa and Aki will end up together since they always comminicate with and see each other a lot. Althought, it was mostly because of Nana.

I really love this manga. I did not cry a lot, but I learned a lot. Quotes from the characters can be seen/read through out the entire series. They are so meaningful. And the reason I got captured by this manga (finally) was because of what Motoharu Yano said.

“You may not believe me, but…even before he told me his name…. I felt as if…I already knew who he was….” – Nanami Takahashi

Shipping: Arata x Chihaya x Taichi (Chihayafuru)

It is really hard to choose between Arata and Taichi because they are both great guys and are right for Chihaya… So not to create any problems, it is better for her to start her Harem… hehehe…

Fantastic Memes


If Arata, Chihaya and Taichi do not get down and have a hot, dirty threesome on the tatami mat at the end of this series, suffice it to say I will not be pleased. It’s too hard to pair them off. I want the three of them to be together forever.

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A Love Story Under the Sakura Tree

*The title of my post might be a little deceiving, but the sakura tree has a lot of connection to their love story.*

Inu x Boku SS, I’ve just finished watching it today. I’ve been wanting to watch this anime, but I cannot seem to find the right site. Anyway, after searching for quite some time, I have managed to download the 12 episodes + the OVA. The opening and ending themes of the anime are okay, but not really my type, so I just skip them watching the episodes.

The story is really simple. It is about a group of youkai (demon or spiritual beings in Japanese) that lived in the Maison de Ayakashi. They are actually humans with youkai blood (or reincarnation of their youkai ancestors… I think…)


The main female character, Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a 15-year old high school student who has blood of an oni. She has a sharp tongue, who often insults people who try to communicate with her. The reason is people either bully her or become close to her because of her family background.  Once she lived in the Maison de Ayakashi, she became close to the people living there especially her secret service agent, Sōshi Miketsukami. Even though she say rude things to people, she is actually caring and likes taking care of them. This care can be shown after the rude comments. >.<


Sōshi Miketsukami, the male main character. He is the secret service agent of Ririchiyo or simply a butler in anime terms. ^^ He takes care of all the things regarding Ririchiyo. Although Ririchiyo sometimes think that he uses some antics to make her agree with him. He is also very protective of his Ririchiyo-sama. ^^


Mind you, their love story is very very simple. It is not like the shojou anime I’m used to watching.  And the main conflict of the story is whether Ririchiyo can still accept Shoshi after the lies he has done. Although, I have already expected it. The flashback of the story still amazes me, which is how Shoshi and Ririchiyo interacted. After that event, they started going out. ^^ I don’t like going into details, since I’m not good at explaining things, and it is better to watch the anime.


The picture above is the actual ending scene of the anime. My final thoughts… Inu x Boku SS is worth watching (especially to those people like me who like romantic anime). The funny parts are not so much, and there aren’t many romantic scenes too (of course… given that Ririchiyo is not good at communicating her feelings, and Shoshi regards himself only as Ririchiyo’s inu (dog). It is a simple, lighthearted,  fluffy, sweet,  and tasteful (Kuruta-chan) kind of anime. It is not as extravagant or amazing as other kinds of anime, but if you have loved anime for a long time, this anime will be refreshing for you. ^^

*I was supposed to write my Going Gaga Over Anime Part 3, but oh well, I’ll be just writing it next time.*

Additional thoughts… this is the only anime (that I can think of as of the moment) which makes me not want to have a second season because the second part of the manga devastates me, so I do not want it to be adapted for anime.  I do not want that to spoil my wonderful memory of Inu x Boku SS’s ending. (The OVA is fun too!) Anime with a happy ending creates a good memory that anime lovers like me want to cherish… >.<

Going Gaga Over Anime Part 2

There is a mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime invasion this summer season’s batch of anime. I think 4-5 anime are mahou shoujo type. But, I only put 3 of them in my list to watch. I do not want to have a mahou shoujo anime overdose. ^^

il sole 500x484 New anime PV round up: Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou and Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal

Gen`ei o Kakeru Taiyou

This is the first anime this season that I have watched. I really like the drawings. They are cute especially the clothes. >.< I really like cute things. The characters use tarot cards, which actually remind me of “Card Captor Sakura.” I think there is no love story in it (which is kinda bad), but I really love their clothes… promise. ^^ I have just watched the first episode, but I will continue watching it after downloading the 12 episodes.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

I have already watched 3 or 4 episodes of this anime. According to what I have read (if I understood it correctly), this anime is a spin-off of the anime Fate/stay night, which I also want to watch. ^^ The main characters’ magical sticks remind me of “Card Captor Sakura” (again). Mahou girls really need magic sticks. hehehehe… I think there is a slight romance in this anime. Well, because the main character, whose name is hard to pronounce Illyasviel von Einzbern, has a crush on his adoptive brother.


Fantasista Doll

This anime is not a true mahou shoujo anime. I just put it here for my own reference because they have cute characters, which is the main element of mahou shoujo, and even though they are not using magic, their cards are kinda magical for me. ^^ I still don’t know what is the main gist of the story because I have not watched any episodes, but seeing these moe characters is already good for me.

Besides the anime above, there are still good anime that can be watched this season.

Uchouten Kazoku

This anime was not part of my anime-that-needs-to-be-watched list because it isn’t as inviting as the other anime, drawing and synopsis wise. However, I have read a lot of reviews about this anime, and most of them are good. By the way, Shingeki no Kyojin was not also part of my list, but every time I see it on the site where I download anime, my curiosity keeps growing, so I ended downloading and watching it. Curiosity does wonderful things and shows you amazing things you have never imagined. ^^ So, I am expecting quite a lot in this anime. I have watched half of the first episode, but I need to stop myself because I believe a 13-episode should be watched in one day. hehehehe… Anyway, this is about a tanuki (racoon) named Yasaburou, and his adventures. The anime gives me a feeling the same as when I watched Princess Mononoke. ^^

Gatchaman Crowds

Another interesting anime. I am actually not so much fond of science fiction anime, but this anime gives me a feeling that I should not fail to watch it. I hope my intuition is right. Well, most of the time it is, so I’m hoping that I will have fun watching this anime. The characters are Gatchaman, who are warriors with special reinforced suits, and they are recruited to fight alien criminals.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo (Dog and Scissors)

The second anime that I have watched this season (only the first episode though). The story is about Kazuhito Harumi a bookworm, who lived in a house that looks like a bookstore (I envy him) and who was killed because of protecting another costumer in a cafe. He was resurrected as a dachshund because of his strong desire to read his favorite author’s latest novel. After being resurrected, Kazuhito lived in the house of Kirihime Natsuno, a sadistic scissor-wielding author and Kazuhito’s favorite writer. This anime is really funny, and it captured me immediately after watching just the first episode. ^^

There are still more good anime… just wait for the part 3. >.<

Everything #221

I saw this post on Eric’s account, and this reminded me of how I felt while reading this anime’s manga… It has a promising story, but I was proven wrong. It was disturbing for me… And, I ended up thinking that I wasted a lot of time and effort just reading it.

Everything Eric

Everything #221

August 09, 2013: It’s the first time I started and ended an animé in one day (I think), but Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil) doesn’t quite satisfy me to the fullest. I was told this would be a horror animé series comparable with Another, but no siree, Bob! It’s more psychological, “philosophical,” and dramatic. Here’s what to expect in the series.

1. Walking…

2. A bit of nudity.

3. mental harassment.

4. Walking….

5. Psycho-freakiness.

6. Walking…

7.  Walking…

8. Walking…

9. Ending: *SPOILER ALERT or more of a WARNING* A few minutes of dozens of important scenes compressed into every scene to confuse you and piss you out instead of using them in many of the wasted friggin’ minutes given to walking scenes and slow paced development.

10. Walking…

The use of rotoscope is a-freaking-mazing and at the same time creepy-looking, but the stickman animation makes it kinda…

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Going gaga over anime Part 1

I have already watched a lot of anime. Really… and I don’t care what genre they are as long as they have good stories and amazing drawings (I don’t like horror though). I’ve started streaming and downloading anime a few months ago, but this season’s anime (probably the summer batch) has a lot of good anime. It’s amazing how I manage to get hold of all the episodes albeit my technical troubles.

The first stop…


Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

I have already come across other sports anime, but this is the first anime about swimming that I have watched. It is just a 12-episode anime, and I already watched 7 episodes. It is a fun type of anime, and it made me laugh a lot. One interesting fact is all members of the Iwatobi Swim Club are boys who have girl names. The main character Haruka (or Haru-chan) is a water/swimming obsessed person (that’s what I call him). He loves water so much that he always wears his swim wear and would strip anytime at the sight of water/swimming pool. He does not mind splashing in an aquarium either. >.<

Next anime…


Blood Lad

A 10-episode anime (why is it so short?) about a vampire named Staz and a human girl turned ghost named Fuyumi. I’ve actually read some chapters of the manga, and since then I wanted it to be adapted for anime. The story is quite cute. It is about Staz wanting to resurrect Fuyumi, who turned into a ghost after being eaten by a plant monster. I also like the slight romance between Staz and Fuyumi especially during the first part when Staz’s heart beats like crazy whenever he looks at human Fuyumi. He does not like Fuyumi as a ghost. ^^

Another one…

Gin no Saji

I have just recently watched this anime’s episodes. And the episodes are light and funny. This is about Yugo Hachiken who went to an agricultural high school after failing the entrance examination for the high school that he wants. It’s quite amusing that he has “chiken” in his name (probably this is intentional) because his first practical is about taking care of chickens. ^^ I was hesitant about watching this anime, but every time I see this, I really want to download it. It’s worth it though. I also like the romance going on between Hachiken and Mikage. >.<  Thanked God this anime has a second season… hehehehe…

Next stop…

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyobi (Sunday Without God)

One of the anime this season that you should not forget to watch! After reading the synopsis of this anime on wikipedia, it immediately become one of the anime that I should watch. You can look at the picture above and understand why. This anime has amazing drawings with vivid colors. The plot of the story really intrigued me. This is about people who cannot die or will awaken again after dying because people are abandoned by God. Unlike other zombie anime or movies, this one is very heart-warming that I ended up with red and painful eyes after watching the first four episodes. Ai Astin (the main character), who became a grave keeper after her mother’s death, is loved by the townspeople that they continue taking care of her, even though they have already died, because she will be left alone. His father Hampnie Hambart or  Kizuna Astin hate the undead that he killed or immobilized all the townspeople, which devastated Ai. Even though she did not like what Hampnie had done, she still continued following him and even saved him after he was kidnapped. Hampnie may be cold on the outside, but he is actually a caring person. He lived as an undead, albeit his hate for them, after learning that Ai is her daughter, so she can have good memories with him. I still get teary-eyed just remembering this because this shows how parents love their children. ^^

The next one…

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

Another anime with good drawings. Having good drawings is one of the necessary requirements before I watch an anime series. >.< This is about William Twinning, who is the reincarnation of King Solomon, a realist who does not believe in supernatural beings. At first I thought it is kinda “Yaoi,” but it is not… but I still feel it is (oh my imagination). Well, probably because this anime does not have a lot of female characters. Although, this anime does not have a strong plot like the other anime, this anime is still worth watching especially if you want to touch the realm of the demons and angels.

The last stop…

Brothers Conflict

The anime that makes my heart go doki doki while watching every episode! I’m not so much fond of harem/romance anime because most of the time, I ended up liking one of the love interests, but the main character ended with the one I did not like, or these kinds of anime are too cliche or predictable. I became curious after knowing the story, but became doubtful whether to watch it or not. However, after watching the first episode, I got hooked up easily. The characters are amazing. I cannot hate anyone single one of them. Really, the brothers have different personalities, which add spark and pastel color to the story (my description is too girly… whahaha). Even though Ema is looking for a family after deciding to move to the Sunrise Residence complex, I still cannot help thinking how she NEEDS to end up with anyone of them. >.< I have favorites though, Tsubaki, Subaru, and Yusuke. It is quite saddening that this anime has only 12 episodes (I want MORE!!!). I also like the anime’s opening and ending theme, which make it more amazing. >.<

These are just a few of the anime for this season. I just piled them in this post because I have already watched half or almost half of the series. I will be having another post for the other anime. >.<

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