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Being A Vampire

During our refresher training June 2011, we were asked to write an essay based on the given topics. I chose this one since it is not that serious like the others (but I actually took it seriously though). I had fun writing this.


Vampires are popular as subjects in movies and books. If one of your loved ones became a vampire, would you kill him or her or make him or her bite you for you to become a vampire, too?

Many people are fascinated with vampires. I, on the other hand, do not like them. Even though vampires are described as strong and beautiful creatures, I do not think I will be attracted to them. However, relationships between vampires and humans have always been an interesting topic for me. If one of the people I loved became a vampire, I would make him or her bite me rather than killing that person because I could become immortal, I could have the characteristics of vampires, and I would not have to wake up early in the morning.

To begin with, I would like to live for a long time with the person I love. Being a vampire means living for a thousand years or more. Hence, if I became a vampire, I would no longer have a normal life, and I would have to endure seeing the people I love die. I actually would not care if other people became vampires. However, the person involved is one of the people dearest to me. Therefore, I would rather choose being immortal but living with my special person than having a normal life without him. People around me are essential parts of my life. Without them, I will not be able to courageously continue with my life. Also, I do not want that person to live lonely without me by his side. We can face any hardship if we stay together. Even though we are vampires, we can still have a normal and happy life.

In addition, I could possess the abilities of vampires. Vampires are recognized as strong and powerful mythological beings. They can use their abilities to defeat their enemies. Just like them, my loved one and I could protect ourselves as well as the people special to us. We could crush cars like Edward Cullen, defeat bad vampires like Zero Kiryu, or change into bats like Anju Maaka. We could do anything we want, fly to any place we desire, and have fun together.

Finally, I would not have to bother waking up early in the morning. I loathe waking up early, even though I spend most of my life waking up early in the morning. I also hate the sunlight which makes me feel being burned alive. If I combined these two things, I could pass as one of the descendants of Dracula. Vampires do not have to wake up in the morning nor sleep early at night. I am the same as them, though I do not have their creepiness. I am someone who wants to work at night, read books at night, play games at night, surf the Internet at night, write stories at night, study at night, watch anime at night, read manga at night, and do so many other things at night. I am a night person, and I will always be.  Thus, if I became a vampire because of my loved one, not waking up early in the morning would be relief for me.

To sum up, I would want my loved one to bite me rather than murdering him with my own hands if he became a vampire. Everyone has their own choice. Giving oneself for eternity to her beloved is one of them.


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