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Fifty Shades of Grey… my reaction

This isn’t a review… just my reaction. I was surprised earlier when a few of my colleagues were talking about the book called “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I did not even know that it is erotic romance.

Well… I first encountered this book a few months ago. I guess it was October, a week before I bought “Mark of Athena.” I was actually looking for another interesting book that I could read (if I find time). The book that caught my eye was “Fifty Shades Darker.” It has a catchy title that I even thought it was a mystery novel. It also has a good cover. So I thought it will be an interesting book because of its catchy title and good cover. But when I looked at the synopsis, it is kinda bland. Nothing special. It’s the second book, so I thought the first book might interest me. But after reading the first and third book’s synopsis, I understand why I did not like the book. This isn’t my kind of story. It’s too dark and mature.

So why are there many people who want to read the trilogy that it even sold faster than the paperback of Harry Potter series? Well… it’s intriguing and new. This is like the Twilight Saga or Gangnam Style. Besides this trilogy is catered for adults, so I guess I a lot of adults want to release their stress through these books. Oh well… I just need to post my reaction for this impending viral phenomenon that is happening all over the word. Or its no longer impending since a lot of people are already infected. I haven’t read  the books, but based on the review that I read from Eric’s blog (, the books weren’t good. Thanked God I followed my bookish instincts and did not buy the books.

I actually have not read a book that I did not like… well except the first half of “Twenties Girl,” but it really has a good ending so I can forgive the first half. I did not realize that my post would be this long. ^^ Anyway, I just hope that I can still encounter the book that I read after reading the synopsis of “Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.” That was the book that I really liked. It has some fantasy genre about reincarnation or something… I did not buy the book because it was hardcover and expensive. I even braced myself and immediately walked out of National Bookstore with my heart broken before I go crazy and take my wallet out and pay for the book. Being a reader shouldn’t be that expensive. I just wish I could find that book again or remember the title… too bad.

To end this reaction that gone the wrong way. Well.. this is how I think… hehehehe… To all the people who want to read “Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy,” go on. Nothing is wrong with reading an interesting book. Some people might not like them, but there are others who praise the books. This is just a matter of what you want or DESIRE…


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