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My Big “BANG” Experience

This is a long overdue post. I was supposed to write this in November 2012, but I’m quite lazy at that time, so it was pushed to January 2013. However, in January, I was still lazy to write because I know that my post will be long. It wasn’t until today that I have the will to write my post about the Big Bang concert in Manila because I do not want to write a post about 2pm concert first. 

It was in 2009 when I first heard Big Bang from my brother. That time I was more interested in 2NE1 since Sandara Park is part of the group (she was an actress here in the Philippines before she went back to Korea and became a member of 2NE1). When I listened to their songs, all I can think of was they were comprised of too much dance music. Though I am not much of a fan of dance music, I still considered them as good for me, but the group did not capture by heart… at time.

They say the more you are exposed to something, the more you become interested in that thing. Even though I was an avid fan of Japanese pop music, I became interested in K-pop when I watched “He’s Beautiful” in 2010. Although, I’ve already watched a few Korean dramas and movies, I was not into Korean pop. The drama “He’s Beautiful” became my gate to the world of K-pop when CN Blue’s music captured my heart. After that I’ve been listening to and become more interested in other K-pop bands like Shinee, 2pm, B2st, 2NE1, 4minute, SNSD, and T-ara. But it was until I tried playing iDate when Big Bang caught my attention. While playing that online game, I came across their song called “Sunset Glow.” It was very catchy for me. The kind of song that I like. It is fast but fun and light. Because of that I’ve rummaged the files of my brother and looked for more Big Bang songs. Another song that I caught my attention was “Everything.” It is a dance song, but I like its lyrics because they are catchy and sensual ( I am surprised until now as to why I like that song). And so my journey to fan girling experience began…

Even though I’ve liked other K-pop boy bands. It was Big Bang who encouraged me to stalk them through the web, read articles about them, and even join twitter to follow Taeyang. It was really a big surprise for me. How in the world did I become someone like that? I was into K-pop specifically Big Bang too much that I even got scared. Being too much interested in ONLY one thing is not part of my vocabulary. But when I started knowing Big Bang further, and discovering how good they are, I can no longer stop myself. I am truly a VIP.

When I’ve found out that Big Bang will have a worldwide tour, I became frantic. I wished and prayed that Philippines will become part of their tour. And the time they confirmed that Big Bang will indeed hold a concert in Manila, I was happy and excited. My dream of hearing and seeing Big Bang especially Teayang live will come true.

VIPs all over the Philippines were all excited when they announced the date for the selling of the tickets. I am a VIP, but I still need to be practical. Though I want to secure a VIP ticket for the concert, I do not want to starve myself for that. So instead of a VIP ticket, we opt for Lower Box tickets. However, an unexpected phenomenon came. Before the date of the release of the tickets, it rained a lot in Manila. And if it rains that hard, you will definitely expect flood. The night before, I really prayed a lot that it will stop in the morning. It did stop the next morning, but the place surrounding our house was flooded including the place around SM Manila where we were supposed to get the tickets. I am a VIP, so no matter what happen, I still need to secure our tickets. So on that day, I and my friend Angela found our way to SM Manila without thinking of the rain and the flood. We are true-blooded VIPs, you know. The sacrifice we made was worth it especially when we finally got hold of our tickets.


Our tickets for the Big Bang Concert

Before the concert, I’ve been keeping tab of the things that will happen in the concert as well the things that Big Bang Philippines prepared for the boys. I even want to join the club and volunteered. I just keep reminding myself that I should not indulge myself in it too much and that I have work just to prevent myself from really volunteering. My brother and I also downloaded the fan chats and TRIED to memorize the songs of Big Bang. I even made golden ribbons, which we will use in the concert. I need to prepare myself. This is my first K-pop concert experience, so I want to have fun.

October 24, 2012, the day had finally came when I will finally see BigBang live. I had work on that day, but as soon as my shift was over, I dragged myself and went straight to SM MOA Arena. My brother went there in the morning, probably 9 am, just to make sure that we could buy our OWN BigBang light sticks. When I got there, fan girls and fan boys surrounded the employees’ entrance (I think… I can’t remember what it’s called… wahahaha…). I was amazed at the fan boys I’ve seen, most of them are Taeyang fans. They had actually dressed like Teayang… really…

We encountered some problems before the start of the concert. Well, because of the big volume of people the time they let people enter the arena is really slow… super slow… I don’t like crowded areas because I get easily dizzy and I’ve already experienced fainting because of it. So when that happened before the concert, I got really irritated. I was hot, dizzy, and sweaty, and my brother was already fanning me. But when we finally got inside, it was heaven. We immediately went to our designated seat, and I was surprised that as soon as I sat down, the crowd started cheering and I saw 5 tubes with the BigBang members inside. It was surreal that until now I cannot believe that what I’ve seen back there was real.

It was my first K-pop concert experience and BigBang had made me fall head over heels in love with them. They are amazing performers. Though I sometimes had difficulty understanding them. But so what? Just watching them made my heart go doki doki!!

Even though I love all the members of BigBang, I love Taeyang more. Well, since he is the most charming and has an out of this world and godly voice. I was really surprised when he started dancing during  his solo performance. The sexy dance moves of the sun god, the name I fondly call him, seemed unreal. All I can think about is whether it is true that Taeyang never had a girlfriend. Because any girl could fall in love with him because of those dance moves. He did not even have second thoughts when he tore off his shirt(s). The dalagang Filipina in me is screaming out loud. What is going on? Teayang, what on earth are you doing? It was very shocking. But nevertheless I feasted on his amazing body… ^^

The aftermath of the concert… I can’t believe that I’ve watched BigBang concert alive. Although I don’t like first times but this experience as well as when I watched Westlife concert (the first concert I’ve watched ever) gave me amazing memories I would never forget.

Note: I’ve just finished this post today… lazy me >.< 


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