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Planting Morning Glory

My morning glories started seeding a few weeks ago, so I just left them to produce seeds further. Then I collected some seeds, sad to say, but the birds were faster than me and they had already eaten some of the seeds. Anyway, yesterday I’ve collected the remaining seeds from my morning glories and cut off all the plants. Well… I need to replant again!! ^^

My packet of morning glory seeds

My packet of morning glory seeds

After preparing my seeds, gardening tools, gloves, and of course my little “upuan.” I’ve started preparing the soil. Using my little rake, I dig the soil to loosen it. I also added some dead leaves from my other plant, and since I have a lot of egg shells I also add some of them.

Dead leaves and egg shells

Dead leaves and egg shells

This isn’t what I always do. But since dead leaves and egg shells are available, I put them all in and mix them with the soil. They provide nutrients for the plants. I think… I’ve read them somewhere. ^^ You might notice  two stalks in the picture above. These are actually celosia plants that I cut and removed from their pots because their leaves and flowers were already devoured by the birds. Since I’m too lazy to make a good trellis, I just used them as trellises for my morning glories. >.<

The celosia in my morning glory pot

The celosia in my morning glory pot

Interestingly, the celosia grew even after removing the roots and leaves. The stalks are the only ones I left. After sometime, leaves grew from the stalks.

After mixing all up, the dried leaves, egg shells, and soil, I’ve watered the soil. Since my soil is a mixture of clay and the soil less soil I’ve bought in the mart, it is a bit messy and not good to look at, so I did not take any picture. For appearance purposes, I covered the soil with some coco peat and misted it with some water.

Prepared soil... ready for planting

Prepared soil… ready for planting

 I still have some morning glory seeds I’ve bought a few months ago, and to avoid wasting them, I used them along with some seeds I got from my morning glories.

Morning glory seeds from the seed packet I bought

Morning glory seeds from the seed packet I bought

Seeds I got from my morning glories

Seeds I got from my morning glories

I’ve been ranting about the birds in our place and how they cause problems in my pot garden, so to prevent my seeds from being eaten by them I covered the seeds with a thin layer of coco peat (although I don’t usually do that ‘coz I just spread the seeds without covering them with soil).

Morning glory seeds spread on the soil

Morning glory seeds spread on the soil

They will germinated a few days from now. ^^ Also, when I checked them this morning some of the seeds (which I’ve failed covering) have already swelled. >.< I’m waiting for my new morning glories!!!


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